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7 Weird and Funny Backpacks

You ready for some weird and funny backpacks? Don’t worry, you can definitely wear them everyday, and they make such a great (fashion) statement. If you want to lighten up the mood, these backpacks will definitely accomplish this purpose. People will take a second look.

Backpack with Detachable Bat Wings

Or call it “black angel” wings. Are they cute, funny, weird, or scary? Either way, people will love this backpack. If you don’t feel like going out with these wings, know that they’re detachable.

Astronaut Backpack

It even has the NASA logo on top! This backpack is for people who want to be an astronaut, or those who once dreamed of becoming one. It’s also available in black.

Coffin Backpack

It’s tufted with bat hardware, y’all! It’s made of faux leather, or “vegan leather” as advertised. It measures 14 inches in height and 9 inches in width. What do you think of this coffin backpack? Is it too much?

Mona Lisa(?) Backpack

Have you seen those images of the Mona Lisa with Mr. Bean’s face? They’re hilarious, right? How about this one?

Dinosaur School Bag

This backpack is advertised for teenagers, but who’s stopping you? It has spikes, it has a bright attractive color, and it has eyes. It’ll definitely catch some attention.

Spiked Black-Red Shell Backpack

Let’s give you another spiky backpack. According to the brand, it’s officially licensed. It’s made of 80% polyester and 20% PU leather.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Backpack

Fancy going around town with a turtle shell on your back? This backpack will surely give that illusion.

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