Best Backpacks for Day Hikes

Best Backpacks for Day Hikes, Top Picks

As what its name readily implies, a “day hike” is, technically speaking, done in less than 24 hours. In actuality, the whole hike takes only several hours, depending on your pace or how well you can tackle your trail.

Do you still need a backpack?

Expect that if you do a day hike, it’s going to be a tiring, yet fulfilling day. For that, you do need a backpack for some trail essentials. You can use one of these best backpacks for multi-day hiking, but they’ll be much heavier, and you don’t need the extra weight.

A day-hike backpack is much smaller and much quicker to manage, yet it’s equally useful and equally reliable. It can help you easily carry water bottles, a towel, an extra shirt, and a first-aid kid, which are basically what you need during the hike.

Here’s our top picks for the best backpacks for day hikes that you can purchase online today.

Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Day Hike Backpack

These packable backpacks are especially useful when going on a multi-day hike with a separate day reserved for a summit climb. When this happens, you’ll be instructed to leave all your things at basecamp and take only what you need en route to the summit.

Mubasel Gear Hydration Backpack

This hydration backpack is not only for trail runners. They’re also for experienced hikers who mainly requires water during the entire duration of the hike.

ZOMAKE Packable Day-Hike Backpack

Here’s another packable backpack from a brand called Zomake. It’s amazing how a 7.7-ounce folded bag can easily transform into a 20-liter backpack. Take a look at the image below.

Deuter Speed Lite 20 Athletic Daypack

One of the problems of packable daypacks is that they’re uncomfortable to use simply because they’re not designed with ergonomics in mind.

If budget is not a concern, of course, we’d recommend that you get a Speed Lite 20 from our favorite brand, Deuter. Nope, it’s not packable, and it comes with a flexible Delrin U-frame that provides stability and makes sure that weight is distributed evenly.

Mammut Lithium Speed 20L Backpack

Made from breathabe and lightweight materials, this backpack from Mammut provides a 20-liter capacity to make sure that everything you need is inside the bag. It also comes with a hip belt with a zippered compartment, and side clasps for your hiking pole.

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