Best Backpacks for Hiking

Best Backpacks for Hiking – Most Popular Brands Among Hikers

More and more people are becoming hooked on hiking, whether it’s an overnighter or a one-day summit ascent. There’s too much stress around us, and nature is still the undisputed best way to escape from these stressors.

Is this your first time to go hiking? You must be very excited. Trust me, not only is it fun, but it’ll be an experience you’ll never forget. It’s addicting, and you’ll want to do it again.

If it’s your first time and are looking for the best backpacks for hiking, here’s a practical advice: Don’t buy anything – at least not yet anyway. It’s wise to borrow from someone who hikes often.

True, I said hiking is addicting, but that’s only if you want this activity. The truth is, there are also people who tried climbing a mountain once, and they never did it again.

But if you’re really decided on getting yourself one of those best quality backpacks for hiking, then continue reading because I’ll list down all the brands that we hikers love to use.

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Deuter Hiking Backpacks

In my opinion, Deuter is perfect for hikers with a not-so-strong upper. Most of Deuter’s backpacks are designed in such a way that the overall weight is distributed vertically. You can fasten these bags both on your hips and shoulders, but expect most of the weight to be absorbed by your hips.

Now, hiking backpacks are categorized according to the volume they can contain. For multi-day hikes, choose one that can carry at least 36 liters.

Osprey Backpacks

Most Osprey backpacks are bulkier than Deuter backpacks. It’s tempting to put in a lot of your hiking gear because it’s spacious, but the downside is the heavy weight as a result. Personally, I prefer Deuter because of this reason.

Osprey has its purpose, however. These backpacks are ideal for storing larger materials (such as a tent), which don’t normally fit in slimmer brands.

Quechua Backpacks

You’ll usually find these backpacks in all branches of Decathlon, a French sporting goods retailer. Quality-wise, Quechua backpacks have no match with Deuter or Osprey, but they’re much cheaper.

Teton Sports Hiking Backpacks

Teton Sports hiking backpacks are for “hardcore” hikers who set out into the wilderness on their own. These backpacks have pockets upon pockets to ensure that you have everything you need.

Black Diamond Hiking Backpacks

Black Diamond hiking backpacks can be compared to Deuter backpacks because they have a slim look, but appearance-wise, I think that Black Diamon is sleeker.

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