Best Plush Backpack for Your Child - Top 10 Picks
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Best Plush Backpack for Your Child – Top 10 Picks

Can we agree that a toddler (or children, in general) looks good in a plush backpack? Whatever the bag’s design, you’re sure to smile when you see your child hop, skip, run, or jump with his cute plush backpack on.

Plush children’s backpacks come in different designs, from animals to popular cartoon characters. Here, we give you the top-rated ones based on consumer reviews, ratings, and feedback.

1. Minnie Mouse Plush Backpack

She’s still the most popular fictional rat ever, alongside Mickey Mouse, of course. That’s why it’s no wonder that many merchandises bear her image, or resemble her just like in the case of this plush backpack.

Kids Preferred Disney Plush, Minnie MouseKids Preferred Disney Plush, Minnie MouseCHECK PRICE

2. Yoshi Plush Backpack

Many kids will be wearing either a Luigi or Super Mario backpack. To be different, your kid would probably want to go for this Yoshi plush bag. It comes in a bright green color, so it stands out easily.

Super Mario Brothers Nintendo Plush Backpack YoshiSuper Mario Brothers Nintendo Plush Backpack YoshiCHECK PRICE

3. Sesame Street Plush Backpack Elmo

Described as a “little red dynamo with a positive personality,” Elmo is one of the most-loved Sesame Street characters. Why is this the case? In an article published at, the explanation is that toddlers can relate to Elmo in that Elmo is “just like toddlers who are in an exploratory stage of life.”

Sesame Street Plush Backpack ElmoSesame Street Plush Backpack ElmoCHECK PRICE

4. My Little Pony Derpy Plush Backpack

This plush backpack features a small zip compartment, adjustable straps, and a beautiful exterior. It’s officially licensed.

My Little Pony Derpy Plush BackpackMy Little Pony Derpy Plush BackpackCHECK PRICE

5. Adventure Time Finn Plush Backpack

This is made from a soft fleece material, is approximately 21″ tall, and it’s ideal for ages 14 and up.

Adventure Time Finn Plush BackpackAdventure Time Finn Plush BackpackCHECK PRICE

6. Hello Kitty Plush Backpack Pink

Hello Kitty is 40 years old — could you believe that? Still, she is the world’s most beloved cat. You must have collected tons of Hello Kitty merch in the past. Now, it’s your child’s turn. Here’s a plush backpack to start.

Hello Kitty Plush Backpack PinkHello Kitty Plush Backpack PinkCHECK PRICE

7. Yoda Buddies Backpack Plush

This backpack is undoubtedly rich in details. The colors are also well thought out. It’s made from 100% polyester, so it’s soft and cuddly.

Comic Images Yoda Buddies Backpack PlushComic Images Yoda Buddies Backpack PlushCHECK PRICE

8. Despicable Me Purple Minion Evil Tim Plush Backpack

The minions are cute and adorable. But this devil minion’s color, you can’t deny, is also one to go “aww” over.

Despicable Me Purple Minion Evil Tim Plush BackpackDespicable Me Purple Minion Evil Tim Plush BackpackCHECK PRICE

9. Pokemon Pikachu 15 Plush Backpack

Anime, anyone? We all know who Pikachu is, the yello rodent. If Minnie Mouse is arguably the most popular female rat, you can also say that Pikachu has earned his own popularity.

Pokemon Pikachu 15 Plush BackpackPokemon Pikachu 15″ Plush BackpackCHECK PRICE

10. My Neighbor Totoro Backpack Bag Plush Doll

Another Japanese animated character is Totoro, which is said to be a spirit of some sort. It’s cute, nonetheless.

E-Trade(TM) My Neighbor Totoro Backpack Bag Plush Doll 3D Design 18 (50CM) Anime Plush Bag Gift CosplayE-Trade(TM) My Neighbor Totoro Backpack Bag Plush Doll 3D Design 18″ (50CM) Anime Plush Bag Gift CosplayCHECK PRICE

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