Mermaid Backpacks That Will Surely Stand Out

Mermaid Backpacks That Will Surely Stand Out

Our obsession about mermaids is as wide and as deep as the ocean where they’re believed to exist. These half-fish, half-human mythical creatures have long been the topics of movies and books, passed on from one generation to another.

This fascination doesn’t seem to stop. In fact, people are celebrating mermaids. Some schools are teaching students to swim like one. In 2011, a mermaid docufiction got the world talking, with some even believing that this sci-fi program was real.

Do you love mermaids? We probably won’t see a “real” mermaid anytime soon. But for now, we can enjoy some merchs such as these mermaid backpacks.

Justice Mermaid Mini Small Rucksack Backpack

Did you know that mermaids are vegetarians? According to this site, our fish-tailed friends get sick when they eat human meat or fish. This does not mean, however, that they don’t hunt animals. When they do, they don’t eat their flesh but instead drain their blood.

Here’s a mini rucksack backpack that feature shimmering scallop accents and a tail embellishment. Pretty, yes?

Mermaid Print Kids Backpack

Everything about this mermaid backpack for children screams cuteness! We love the mermaid prints, and the light colors complement each other perfectly. Let’s not forget to mention the fish charm. Do you see it?

Here’s another mermaid trivia for you.

Ever wondered why we don’t talk about mermen that much? That’s because they’re timid and prefer not to show themselves to humans. Well, at least according to the stories we’ve heard about these creatures.

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Mermaid Backpack for Toddlers

This 3D mermaid backpack looks really adorable on a toddler. The tail is on top, giving the illusion that the mermaid is facing you. But wait. Look at the cute young mermaid. She’s taking a nap.

While she does that, let’s give you another fun “fact” about mermaids.

There are 4 types of mermaids. There’s the type that only lives deep under the sea. There’s another that can walk on land for a short period of time. Then, there’s a third type that can shape-shift. And the last one takes the form of a human.

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Mermaid Sequin Backpack

This mermaid backpack is ideal for teenagers who haven’t quite outgrown their fascination of mermaids, but want to be subtle. Isn’t it perfect?

Did you know that in Cook Islands mythology, human beings are the descendant of a half-fish, half-human god called Avatea (or Vatea)?

The Little Mermaid Backpack

Of course, we would include a “Little Mermaid” backpack. You kidding? It’s the most popular mermaid story of all time, and Ariel has got to be the most popular mermaid in literature.

Confetti Mermaid Print Backpack

This mermaid backpack from Confetti is a little bit too much at first glance. There’s hearts, seahorses, and one mermaid with wings. But the sequins hit is so hard. Don’t you love it, too?

Justice Mermaid School Backpack Letter Initial

This mermaid backpack is different from the other one on this list. Both are adorned with sequin scallops, but look at the front pocket. This is perfect for you if you want to sort of personalize your backpack with an initial.

Which of these mermaid backpacks is your favorite?

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