10 Cute and Pretty Backpacks

10 Cute and Pretty Backpacks
Are you tired of the same style of backpacks? Are you looking for something pretty, chic, and fashionable?

I hear you. It’s a good thing that you’re here.

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You don’t have to go through online product catalogues because I’ve done the research for you. This article serves as a product catalogue of 10 of pretty backpacks I found on Amazon.

So go ahead and browse.

Oh, by the way, these bags are so pretty they make the perfect gift!

Designer Inspired Lucille Backpack

If you are craving for a designer bag but can’t make a purchase because of budget constraints, the next best thing to do is to go for designer-inspired items. This bag is the perfect example. It looks like it’s a luxury item — from the color up to the design — but you’re the only one who can tell that it’s not.

Looking at the backpack’s mint blue color, I’m reminded of Kate Spade. If you’re familiar with Kate Spade, you know that the brand has built a reputation by producing chic bags with bright colors such as this one.

What about you? What does this bag look like to you?

Designer Inspired Lucille Backpack/Handbag - Mint BlueDesigner Inspired Lucille Backpack/Handbag – Mint BlueCHECK PRICE

Rainbow Stripes Sport Backpack

Everything about this bag is absolute cuteness! From the daintiness of the color and the rainbow stripes, this backpack is sure to turn heads because it is simply adorable. Your friends (or your daughter’s) might even be green with envy they’ll get one for themselves.

If you don’t like zippers, take comfort in the fact that the main compartment / pocket of this backpack is closed with a snap feature. This is sturdy and it can hold heavy weight — perfect for books, laptop, and other heavy objects.

In addition to that, the insides come with mini pockets / compartments. You can use these to segregate your small gadgets such as cellphones.

Rikki KnightTM Colored Rainbow Striped Bards Back PackRikki KnightTM Colored Rainbow Striped Bards Back PackCHECK PRICE


Beige Canvas Backpack School Bag

If there’s one word to describe this bag, it’s definitely the word “chic.”

True, this backpack is effortlessly elegant and sophisticated. It can be worn with a summer dress and the wearer will still look feminine and sophisticated.

Style-wise, the beige matches gracefully with the blue base. Also, the straps, which normally appear tacky when they stand alone, accentuate the whole bag to give it a little bit of color variety and texture.

This backpack is the brainchild of the talented designers who work at Jam Closet. If you don’t like the design upon purchase, you can always return the merchandise and get a refund.

AM Landen Beige Canvas Backpack School Bag Travel Bag Medium SizeAM Landen Beige Canvas Backpack School Bag Travel Bag Medium SizeCHECK PRICE

Sherpani Sonoma Backpack Beginning

Isn’t this one of the most unique backpacks you’ve ever seen? Aside from the perfect combination of colors, this bag has its own one-of-a-kind style that lets it stand out from the other backpacks. It’s made from canvas, so it protects your electronic gadgets from scratches.

Also, as it is sewn to perfection, it is sturdy and you can depend on it to carry some of your heavy valuables. Its interior is equipped with a lining, so it won’t get damaged easily.

It is, however, not that spacious. If you take a quick look at the main pocket, you’ll notice that there is no compartments to separate your valuables. But though this is the case, the backpack comes with two pockets that can be found on its exterior.

Sherpani Luggage Sonoma, Surfer Girl, One SizeSherpani Luggage Sonoma, Surfer Girl, One SizeCHECK PRICE


Fashion Sports Backpack Bag

Okay, this backpack has been labeled as “unisex.” But to me, it looks like it’s more of a girl’s bag than a guy’s. But if you’re a guy and want to get one for yourself, who’s stopping you? Besides, a lot of guys can pull this off.

One of the best things about this bag is the marriage between retro and contemporary style. One look and you can easily judge that it’s a paisley design (or something that resembles it). Also, the pockets are made from canvas that reminds us of yesteryears. But you can’t also deny the fact that, as a whole, the design is modernized to fit the modern girl.

Zeyo Fashion Sports Backpack Bag, Unisex Canvas Shoulders BackpackZeyo Fashion Sports Backpack Bag, Unisex Canvas Shoulders BackpackCHECK PRICE


Casual Canvas Schoolbag

Is it the pink color or the rucksack design that makes this bag so adorable? Whatever the reason is, admit it, you can’t help but look at this masterpiece.

The label mentions “Korea.” If you’re familiar with Korean fashion, you’ll understand that this backpack has all the elements that deserve the title. First and foremost, one of the key elements of Korean fashion is the bright colors. Plus, they’re so good at combining these colors to come up with a fine piece of clothing or accessory. Second, this bag is functional, as you can tell with the size. Koreans love to learn that they spend thousands of dollars each year for their children’s education. So if you’re looking for a backpack that has all the bells and whistles (as far as school is concerned, that is), this pink backpack definitely fits the bill.

Korean Popular Casual Canvas Schoolbag/ Backpack (Model: B010277) (Pink)Korean Popular Casual Canvas Schoolbag/ Backpack (Model: B010277) (Pink)CHECK PRICE

Sequin Backpack

Who knew that Victoria’s Secret can create something beautiful as this? Who knew that the brand known for sexy lingerie can also create a sexy backpack?

Let’s be honest. This sequin backpack is unlike any other backpacks you’ve seen. It stands out. Some bags with the same materials are bulky, but this backpack is still feminine. Don’t you agree? Plus, there are a multitude of colors, unlike other sequined bags that normally have one plain and boring color.

You can take this backpack with you anywhere you want to. If you want to go to the beach to escape the heat of the summer, this bag makes the perfect storage for your swimwear. If you want to go shopping with your friends, this backpack will add to your style points.

Victoria Secret Pink BackPack Schoolbag Rainbow Sequin PINK Limited EditionVictoria Secret Pink BackPack Schoolbag Rainbow Sequin PINK Limited EditionCHECK PRICE


Fox Backpack

Doesn’t this bag remind you of happy childhood memories? It sure does, what with the fox’s large eyes staring at you and the stars that decorate the flap of the bag and other areas.

So if you’re looking for a bag that helps you re-live happy memories from your past, this backpack definitely has everything that you’re looking for. It’s child-like, it’s fun, and it’s playful! I’m pretty sure that even onlookers would want to get one like this for themselves.

The backpack is made from canvas. And upon closer look, you’ll notice that it’s made from wash-out canvas, which is great because it gives it a different feel for the backpack. Also, there are no zippers involved. So to close the main compartment, you’re gonna have to pull the drawstring.

Grey Denim and Canvas Adorable Leatherette Fox Pocket Backpack with Faux Leather Shoulder StrapGrey Denim and Canvas Adorable Leatherette Fox Pocket Backpack with Faux Leather Shoulder StrapCHECK PRICE

Japanese Style Canvas Backpack

The beauty of this bag is its simplicity, just like the minimalist teaching of Zen. There are no side pockets, no accents, and no overly decorated parts. It’s simply a backpack that’s meant to contain your valuables.

Aside from that, this backpack doesn’t have too many colors complementing each other. As you can see, the primary color is beige, and straps served as an accent, giving the backpack a distinct outline with its brown color.

You can tell that this bag is very functional. Plus, it’s big enough to store and carry your books, laptop, and other gadgets. Also, unlike other canvas bags that stay limp when left to themselves, this bag can stand alone, which is a good thing because your documents will remain intact.

Women's Leisure Small Canvas Backpack Japanese Style Color Light KhakiWomen’s Leisure Small Canvas Backpack Japanese Style Color Light KhakiCHECK PRICE

Coach Flower Print Backpack

You work hard to enjoy what you have right now. So why not reward yourself with a luxury backpack such as this adorable bag from Coach? You can always choose to go with the classic print / design, but if you want something refreshing, this flower print backpack will put a smile on your face.

You can take it with you when you stroll at the park, or go shopping with your girlfriends. Whatever clothes you put on, this Coach backpack will make sure that you stay feminine, sophisticated, and classy at all times.

Coach Signature Daisy Kyra Flower Print Backpack Bag 19284 MulticolorCoach Signature Daisy Kyra Flower Print Backpack Bag 19284 MulticolorCHECK PRICE


Which of these pretty backpacks is your favorite?

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