Top 10 Hello Kitty Backpacks
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Top 10 Hello Kitty Backpacks

Hello Kitty is one of the most recognizable characters in the world — even long before it was used as a cartoon series. It’s also one of the cutest that’s why many girls (and even boys) collect Hello Kitty merchandises.

Are you one of these Hello Kitty fans? If so, you’ll definitely love these backpacks!

Hello Kitty SANBK0049 Backpack

This 3D backpack unleashes the fierceness in you. It features a cheetah print plus a black bow. The ears are 3D, too! As far as functionality and durability go, this is one durable back. It can carry your laptop with ease.

Hello Kitty SANBK0015 Backpack

Another 3D backpack, this features a white body and a sequined red bow. Plus, this is made from 80% Cotton/10% Polyurethane/10% Polyvinyl Chloride.

Hello Kitty Plush Backpack Pink

This backpack is ideal for little girls who love their bag to be cute and soft!

Hello Kitty SANBK0053 Backpack

The modern mustache is popular these days! Even Hello Kitty is jumping on the bandwagon — look!

Hello Kitty Glow In The Dark Backpack

Of the Hello Kitty backpacks on this list, this is perhaps the most interesting because it has a design that glows in the dark. Even adults said this backpack rocks!

Hello Kitty Polka Dot SANBK0092 Backpack

We love polka dots! This is by far our favorite polka dot Hello Kitty backpack.

Sanrio Hello Kitty Black with Pink Glitter

Pink is cute in itself. But if you want it cuter, why not have glitters?

Hello Kitty Snakeskin Print Backpack

How about some snakeskin print? If the cheetah print above is not fierce enough, here’s another option.

Hello Kitty Colorblock Backpack

Want some colors to your Hello Kitty backpack? This backpack is definitely a must-have.

Hello Kitty I Say Hello Backpack

Here’s a backpack that features a happy statement.

Which of these Hello Kitty backpacks is your favorite?

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