Types of Vintage Backpacks for Guys - Cool, Fashionable, Stylish
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Types of Vintage Backpacks for Guys – Cool, Fashionable, Stylish

Vintage Backpack – Let’s Go Vintage!

There’s something about vintage fashion that people seem to always go back to. The flapper dress, old Hollywood glamor, the unique hairstyle, and the LBD when it was first introduced — all the elegance in the past was fashion in its own right. And though the world these days is filled with creative and never-before-seen designs, somehow you still miss the old days. You still want to own a piece that reminds you of yesteryears from time to time. (Or do you?)

Personally speaking, when it comes to men’s fashion, I like Italian retro. It’s timeless, it’s effortlessly classy, it’s “real,” and to me, it’s the true definition of sophistication. From the shine of Italian leather shoes up to the material that men’s coats are made of, you can’t go wrong when you go Italian.

But if you just want to add a little retro accent to your outfit, a practical choice would be a vintage backpack.

Be Cool with a Vintage Backpack

What is a vintage backpack by the way?

A vintage backpack is a bag that has the elements of yesteryears. It looks, feels, and smells vintage. Some of the characteristics of vintage backpacks include the following:

– canvas for the material
– leather for the material
– khaki for the color
– washout color for appearance

In this article, Iet’s take a look at some of the best vintage backpacks that bag designers and manufacturers have to offer. There will be leather backpacks, and there will be designer-inspired bags that you might find really interesting.

Let’s start!

1. Leather vintage backpacks

One of the best things about leather backpacks is that they never go out of style. They can become your favorite and wear them every single day for many years, and when you decide to change your style, you can keep them in the attic and go back to them when you need them again.

Aside from that, leather bags last a long time. As long as they are made from genuine leather, they can stay with you for decades!

My father bought this amazing leather bag which he used for many years, and guess what — we still have it in the house. The knuckles are already green because of corrosion, but the parts are still intact.

Take a look at this leather vintage backpack. Isn’t this beautiful?

2. Designer-inspired vintage backpacks

These are modern backpacks with a vintage twist. As you may have noticed, some bag designers create beautiful bags that fuse old and modern styles. For instance, some would create a backpack with a leather flap and keep the body in canvas. Another designer would maintain the khaki color while adding a bit of bright colors on the side to put a twist to the bag.

3. Rucksack backpack for men

Rucksack backpacks look, feel, and smell vintage. They are made of canvas, and their washout colors remind us of yesteryears. They can be the European type, the designer-inspired type, or the fashionable type. Something like these…

4. Canvas backpacks

Long before bag companies started introducing water-proof bags, backpacks were made from canvas, or a thick cloth that gives the bag that much-needed durability. This material has strengths and weaknesses, but you can’t deny that it’s a refreshing sight especially nowadays that people prefer other materials.

As if canvas backpacks are not vintage enough, some bag companies incorporate other vintage elements into their creations. One of these elements is a color from the vintage color palette.

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